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We Design For The Future

Timberland Structural was founded by Vincent Pirrone, P.E. in Denver, CO. We provide professional engineering service across Colorado for custom home projects.


Residential engineering is what we do best, and we are here to support you through the structural design process. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or connect you with any of our contacts in the building industry.



We focus on new construction designs including custom home plans, workshop plans, ADU plans, barndominium plans , detached garage plans, addition plans, pole barn plans, and more.


Our engineers specialize in wood construction and account for all aspects of the build while designing including where other utilities (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) might interfere with the design. 

We will be there in the beginning of your project (initial structural and foundation design phase) and toward the end (framing inspections and as-built engineering letters). You can as us anything at anytime during your building process!

Vincent Pirrone, P.E.


What Our Clients Say

As a framing contractor it is always helpful to have an engineer close by. Vincent always answers the call and has a pleasant attitude. I personally as well as professionally recommend Vincent at Timberland Structural.

Pursuit of Excellence

Vincent was quick to respond, very thorough, and our architect even lauded his knowledge and expertise. Highly recommend!



Building a
Sustainable Future

Wood offers a green beacon of hope for the future of residential construction, shining bright with its promise for sustainability. This natural material is not just renewable but acts as a carbon sink, absorbing CO2 as it grows and storing it away even as part of your home. Imagine your house not just as your sanctuary but also as a guardian of the environment, quietly combating climate change by locking away carbon and breathing out oxygen.

The journey of wood from forest to frame carries a lighter carbon footprint compared to traditional materials like concrete and steel. The energy needed to harvest, transport, and transform wood into beams and boards is significantly less, primarily because it bypasses the intense heat required to process its heavyweight counterparts. This process results in fewer carbon emissions, making wood a clean choice for our planet.

Innovations in wood technology, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (glulam), have enhanced its strength and durability while offering excellent thermal insulation. These advancements mean that wooden structures not only stand the test of time but also keep your living space cozy with minimal energy use. By choosing wood for your home, you're embracing a material that supports a healthier planet without compromising on quality or comfort.

Modern custom home plan
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